What is All-Aluminum Furniture?

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What is All-Aluminum Furniture?

This is a new aluminum furniture trending to be worldwide affect.

A new cabinetry product series, it is fully assembled by aluminum extrusion profiles, and other spare parts such as stainless steel hinges, carbon steel or aluminum handle, and the casting aluminum pulley or support leg.

As the traditional wooden-based furniture is non-recycle, having a problem of formaldehyde releasing, also flammable with big expansion coefficient and easy to corrosion, so lead to its short life usage and maintain difficulty, thus the worldwide decor design is now considering to find a replacement.

By contrast, the characteristics of the All-Aluminum cabinet are more attractive:

  • Sufficient supply:Aluminum is the most readily available and reusable material on earth, thus price is more stable.
  • Eco-Friendly:The production and manufacturing processes of All-Aluminum Furniture not pollute the environment at all, and doesn't cause any harm to human health.
  • Its durability, fire-resistance and anti-insect properties, leading the furniture’s service life for more than 20 years.
aluminum furniture bathroom cabinet collection

Alu-furniture bathroom cabinet collection

All aluminum furniture is getting closer to the eco-living

Nowadays, aluminum profile furniture is getting closer to us, and becoming more and more popular to the new decor trend: green and eco-friendly, non formaldehyde, durable and wear well, no-fading, affordable and recyclable.

All-Aluminum Furniture can be designed to various functional furniture, such as All-Aluminum closet, All-Aluminum cloakroom, All-Aluminum living room cabinet, All-Aluminum kitchen cabinet, All-Aluminum wine cabinets, All-Aluminum bathroom cabinet, shoes, desks.

aluminum furniture bathroom cabinet collection

Alu-furniture bathroom cabinet collection

Where we can find the trusted All-Aluminum Furniture supplier?

HongMai Aluminum Industrial (HMAI), is the expert of manufacturing aluminum extruded profiles, we have a complete production line to produce all-aluminum furniture from design to finish. The HongMai owned brand I-LIKE® All-Aluminum Furniture production is mainly cover three section.

  1.  Extrusion & Anodizing: using the material of 6063-T5 alloy to extrude various designed profiles (mainly 1.2-1.5mm thickness), and send for anodizing to ensure its durability & anti-rust status.
  2.  Surface Treatment: by using advanced powder coating & wood grain transfer technology which makes the color uniform and exquisite, texture lifelike for furniture decor selection.
  3. Assembling & Package: install the Furniture profile piece by piece by our skillful workers according to the design drawing, and packing in standard carton for delivery.

We are sincerely welcome all exporters/importers, distributors, wholesalers to be the partner of the All-Aluminum Furniture business, and getting win-win success by establishing a long term cooperation.

What is All-Aluminum Furniture?

What is All-Aluminum Furniture? This is a new aluminum furniture trending to be worldwide affect....

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