Extrusion Aluminum Die Mould Making Process for Your Project

459 Published by admin 05 28,2018

A trusted extrusion aluminum Die Mould Maker is the most important part for the beginning process.


As a 12 years experienced manufacturer for high-end extrusion aluminum profile, HMAI has established a long term cooperation with the high-reputation die factory in China, owning the advantage on quality in die opening.

The Quality for a Die

The way of producing an extrusion aluminum profile is to extrude it by using a die, and the quality of a die, will definitely affect the production quality of the profile extrusion.

Before production, HMAI will perform the following steps to check the quality of the mold.

  1. Before mounting on the machine, the die must be ground and polished, and the die working zone is generally required to be polished to the mirror surface.
  2. Check the flatness and perpendicularity of the die working zone before assembling.
  3. The quality of Die Nitriding is certainly determines the polished finish of the working zone.
  4. The mold cavity must be cleaned up with high-pressure gas and brush, and no dust or foreign matter is allowed. Otherwise, it is easy to pull down the working belt in the flow of the heated-aluminum, lead to the extrusion aluminum profile surface appears rough or black line.extrusion-aluminum-process-die-mould

The Cost of Opening a Die 

The cost of opening a die is also a considerable cost, especially when die is more than one set, the cost will inevitably increase. However, our company will match the drawings within the company's system before quotation, to see if we have the die already. If does, it can save a lot.

In 12 years of production, HMAI has accumulated a large number of extrusion aluminum dies, including door and window, curtain wall, railings and other building profiles, also includes radiators, solar panel mounting rail, as well as various types of furniture profiles.

If it is needed to open the mold, our technical department will evaluate the cost according to die design complexity, profile size and the machine which to use the die. The bigger the model, the more complex the shape, will lead to the higher cost.


The Refund of Die Cost

Die cost is refundable. When customer uses the mold to produce a certain amount of extrusion aluminum, the cost can be refunded. If customer decide to produce a larger amount of extrusion aluminum, the die cost can basically not be considered.

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