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This is how we ensure your aluminum product to be a high quality level.


HMAI not only stands as the trusted manufacturer in aluminum product extrusion profile, but also an inspect service provider.

Our team have accumulated 12 year’s experience in design, production, processing and QC to support all standard part and custom shape aluminum product projects.

Quality assurance

HMAI keep taking efforts on controlling the whole process of aluminum product quality according to the ISO9001:2008 / GB5237-2008 standard for the quality requirements of the project, and the standards will implement from raw material purchase to finished aluminum product delivery. Each step will be strictly controlled and any third-party testing institution detection is acceptable and welcome.

Aluminum Product Quality Ensure Extrusion

Aluminum product QC checking mainly cover below processes:

  1. Aluminum Product Extrusion:

Die opening, aluminum rod smelting, chemical composition analyzing, error controlling, profile mechanical property testing, profile length cutting check.

  1. Anodizing & Electrophoresis:

Color identification, surface treatment requirement, film thickness detection

  1. Powder coating:

Appearance inspection, color tolerance check, coating thickness check, gloss & brightness check

  1. Assembling, packing & delivery:

Size measurement, accessories check, package protection check, loading confirmation log.

Aluminum Product Quality Ensure Anodizing




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